Mother’s Day gift ideas for on-the-go Moms

Are you thinking about doing something special for Mom on Mother’s Day this year? Here’s a list for on-the-go Moms or Grandmas who might need to bring their work or favorite hobby with them when they’re running their kids or grandkids around to after-school activities.

Snailax Back Massager with Heat – $100 Amazon: This one’s awesome. It’s got four massage nodes that travel up and down the back. But the best part is Mom or Grandma can sit in her car waiting to pick up her kids/grandkids from school and get a nice back rub to ease her stress.

Xergur 2-in-1 Steering Wheel/Headrest Tray – $31 Amazon: This clever device fits over your steering wheel or head rest so you can use it in the back seat. It has a large, expanding tray to set your laptop or book on. It’s collapsible for easy storage as well.

GelooWork 300W Power Inverter – $30 Amazon: This nifty tool plugs into your cigarette lighter and offers you two full-size outlets to plug your laptop or your phone charger or both into! Let Mom’s devices charge off her car battery instead of a slow charger or no charger at all.

FoxBox Front Seat Organizer – $33 Amazon: This is great for a mobile office situation because you can hook it to your headrest in the passenger seat and it has space for a laptop, a planner, some books and lots of smaller items like pens and phones and a water bottle. You can also carry it with you like a backpack!

WeatherTech Cupholder Phone Mount – $45 Amazon: This one’s great for holding your phone if you’re driving or if you’re parked and working. It has a telescoping feature so you can raise your phone up and down while it’s in the holder. The only downside is it takes up a cupholder spot.

RoyAroma Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers – $16 Amazon: These come in a two-pack with several different colored felt pads. The lockets open and Mom can insert the felt pad after she’s dripped a few drops of essential oil onto it. Then you can clip them to your air vents to help diffuse the essential oil. Mom can use any of her essential oils on the felt pads. It just takes a couple drops!

Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit – $45 Amazon: This is just a good item to have in your car. It includes jumper cables, a first aid kit, an LED flashlight and other helpful items. Make sure Mom’s safe on the road with this emergency kit.   

The Comfy Original – $50 Amazon: If your mom gets chilly often, this blanket hoodie is a perfect choice for when she’s in her car office in the fall or winter. She could also use it for bumming around the house or even sports activities!

For Moms-on-the-go, some of these gifts might be invaluable to her. Hopefully this list will help you pick out an item or two for Mom this Mother’s Day.

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